Reiki @ Loyola University's Wellness Fair

For our second year at Loyola University’s Wellness Fair, Greg, Katie, Reggie, Monique and I were ready for the crowd!

Last year we were completely caught off guard by how many students would be interested in reiki, and didn’t make the best use of the time they spent waiting in the long line.

event handout 2018.jpeg

This year, we were better prepared! We passed out our informational handouts and suggested students watch our intro video on their phones while waiting, so they could learn about reiki before getting to the front of the line.

event handout 2018 back.jpeg

Most did, and had lots of intel and great questions by the time they sat down. It saved us a lot of time in explanations, which adds up over the course of more than 80 demos!

Volunteers each have their own way of describing reiki. Greg says something along the lines of, “It’s like taking a 10-minute vacation from your worries.” I talk about quantum physics, storing trauma energetically in our systems, and the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual ramifications of this. Whatever words we use, the best understanding comes from the actual experience of receiving reiki. Their feedback was priceless:

“That was amazing!”

“I went somewhere else for a while!”

“I feel SO relaxed!”

“There was movement in my heart! I feel lighter!”

We feel blessed to be able to share these experiences with so many, and educate the public about energetic approaches to wellbeing. Thanks to Loyola for having us. See you again next year!

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