Reiki Energy Healing

We are made entirely of energy and store trauma energetically in our bodies. Reiki helps to clear, balance, and fortify bioenergetic fields to optimize the recipients own healing functions. Find out more and watch videos of new Reiki recipients (veterans and medical students) giving priceless feedback on the next page.

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Therapeutic Massage

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a desk jockey—or both—loosening up tight muscles can help you feel more comfortable in your body, and more content in your life.

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Combination Sessions


 If you are new to my practice, or have never tried Reiki before, perhaps you'll be most comfortable starting out with massage and adding in some Reiki at the end. Then you'll know what to ask for next time you're in. Just sign up for a Combo session, and we'll talk about how you'd like to divvy up the time when you arrive.

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