Reiki is a gentle, natural, healing modality that enhances the flow of life force energy, that which animates all living things. Because we are made up entirely of energy, Reiki can improve wellbeing on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels. Anything is possible.

Not buying it? I didn’t either. Then everything changed. Watch the video below to learn how I transformed from a Reiki skeptic to a Reiki enthusiast.

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 If you’re still in doubt, watch the following video to hear the priceless reactions of veterans, medical students and health fair attendees following their first 10-minute Reiki session.

To explore the nature of chakras and conduct your own self-evaluation of the state of your energy field, you can visit my Chakra Page.

You can also check my Reiki Research page for a listing of published clinical trials developed to explore and quantify the many benefits of Reiki.

How will Reiki help you? Come on in and we’ll find out.

What can Reiki do for you? See feedback from veterans, medical students and health fair attendees after they've received their first 10-minute Reiki session. Then see for yourself by booking a session, or taking a class.