Reiki for Survivors of Domestic Violence @ CPD 12th District

We love that the Chicago Police Department, the States Attorney’s Office, and the Cook County Health Department collaborate to help women experiencing trauma in their own homes. We’re also honored that we’re on the invite list for their annual service fair events. Over the years, attendance has grown, the sense of community has grown, and attendee’s trust has grown due to the efforts of Nikki and Pauline. Great job, ladies!

As I have said before, in and amongst the services being offered (reiki, massage, hair styling, manicures, lunch) the atmosphere is festive. One could almost forget the reason we’re there. But then we see the defensive marks on women’s arms and the high number of women with their front teeth missing, and the gravity of their situation is clear. We are so grateful to have been a part of this day, created to remind these women of their value and what it feels like to be nurtured.

This effort was particularly poignant as it took place on the day of the Ford-Kavenaugh hearing. The purpose and content of the hearing struck such a deep chord in women (and men) everywhere who have survived trauma at the hands of others—and then survived the aftermath of those incidents. We have so much work to do to heal ourselves and our communities.

dom viol 2018.jpg

Thanks to all the organizers for putting this together. And thanks to and Edit and Rebecca for their tireless volunteerism in our effort to spread peace through energy healing.

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