Reiki @ Loyola University

Folks at Loyola University heard about the Reiki Brigade and sent us an invitation to their annual health fair. Our response? "Of course we'll come!" We LOVE introducing students to reiki! Their fertile minds are quick to incorporate new information into their world view and lifestyle—and they enthusiastically share what they've learned with others. 

So, in between the flu shots, massages, and the mental health breaks, we were there offering our 10-minute demos. Our booth was popular, and we could have used a few more hands.

In addition to all the reiki we offered, we also made a connection with a woman orchestrating the Epilepsy Foundation's annual conference a few weeks later, and were able to offer reiki there as well. 

Watch this video to see reiki in progress and hear feedback from two astonished recipients. Reiki energy healing is good stuff. It's easy to learn, easier still to give to others, and it's time more people knew about it!

Here's to raising awareness and availability of the benefits of reiki!
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