Client satisfaction is the best measure of success. 

Feel wonderful!!
I recently started going to Heather at the suggestion of a friend and would recommend her to anyone! She works magic, treating problem spots and finding new areas that need attention. Her massage is among the best I’ve ever had and her Reiki is incredibly healing. When I leave an appointment with Heather, my mind and body feel refreshed and ready for anything!
— Susan S.
I feel great!
Heather is a miracle worker! She is so good at what she does. What I especially like is that she asks me where to focus and what activities I have been up to, so she can be most effective to help me feel better. I have been going to Heather for about 10 years and continue to appreciate her talents. I have recommended her to many and they are always happy with the results too!
— Leslie L.
First time Reiki
I really had no idea what to expect from Reiki and had initially thought I’d get a combo traditional/Reiki massage but after speaking w Heather I thought I’d just go for it. I was transported almost immediately to an incredibly relaxing place and the pain I was having stopped by the time I got off the table. I also slept more soundly than I had in months! I will definitely be back to see Heather! So glad I “took a chance” on trying something different. Great results!
— S. M.
Amazing Energy Work
Very professional! Heather explained the process thoroughly and completed an intake form, asking what I was looking to address, and some basic health questions. Shortly after the reiki (hands-free energy field work) begain, I started having lucid dreams, and kept receiving hints about what I need to do to address my concerns. Very illuminating. I’ll be back!
— Jill H.
Reiki Rocks
I have known Heather for a while and have had great massages and energy work with her in the past - but the Reiki session I had yesterday was really spectacular. It is hard to explain how it feels, but I left her office feeling lighter, happier and better able to face some stressful issues in my life. Of course I felt really relaxed and as a bonus some physical pain I was experiencing felt better too. She’s really good. It works!
— Monique W.
Most Amazing Massage of My Life
I have had many massages in my lifetime and I came home and told my husband that Heather was the best massage therapist I’ve ever been to. I have never revisited a massage therapist because frankly, I always feel like they don’t work with my problem areas when I tell them what I need. Heather shared with me her plan to help me getting to feel better and did a combination of massage and reiki. It was superb. Even put me to sleep for a bit! I will definitely be coming back.
— Liz B.