A compelling blend of autobiography, research, humor, and instruction offering credible explanations for some of life's greatest mysteries.

We all talk about other people’s energy—or “vibes”—and most of us have had a brush with the uncanny. But how much do we really know about the world that exists beyond the reach of our five senses? In the voice of an easy-going road-trip companion, Heather McCutcheon guides us through the intersection of science and spirituality via her own experiences.

McCutcheon left corporate America in 1998 to study massage therapy in search of a greater sense of purpose. She shunned metaphysics until the universe challenged her to open her mind with an unmistakable invitation. Her story begins with an insecure, naive girl and ends with a confident woman challenging established social institutions by combining ancient healing modalities and modern communication technologies.

McCutcheon takes us through her transformation step-by-step, effortlessly moving from moments of bewilderment and epiphany to cracking jokes at her own expense. Walk with her as she bumbles through encounter after encounter, then adeptly connects the dots between chakras, energy healing, quantum physics, mediumship, reincarnation, and a simple, action-based plan to improve quality of life for us all.

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