Reiki at the Annual Epilepsy Foundation Conference

This opportunity was an example of dynamic networking moving the reiki ball forward. Ayesha tried a 10-minute reiki session at the Loyola University Wellness Fair. Turns out she was orchestrating the Epilepsy Foundation's annual consumer conference in a couple weeks and after her session, she very much wanted a reiki presence at the event. It was short notice, but we saw the tremendous potential in connecting with the thought leaders in this field. 

Epileptic seizures are a misfiring of bioenergetic impulses. Reiki energy healing helps to clear, balance, and fortify bioenergetic fields. Why aren't there studies underway to see if ongoing reiki treatments reduce the intensity and/or frequency of seizures?


Patrice and Ziuta were the morning shift and Gina and I came in for the afternoon. Because there was so much interest, we all overlapped at lunch time. We were able to offer reiki demos to more than 30 conference attendees between speaker presentation sessions. 


While the presentations were underway, we were able to chat with folks at the other exhibitor tables. We met Brandon, who works for CURE. He says there's lots of research underway in genetics, but so far as he knows, no one is exploring epilepsy as a function of the integrity of bioenergetic fields. He was definitely intrigued by our take on this situation. 


We talked to Luke at Neurotech, which provides in-home EEG technology. This is one of my dreams, to conduct extensive studies of brain activity immediately before and after reiki sessions, and over time. These units run in the thousands of dollars, so it's not in the immediate future. You can help us get there by making a donation to the Reiki Brigade, or buying my book (Connecting the Dots: from ad exec to energy practitioner). 

Comer .jpeg

And we were approached by representatives from University of Chicago's Comer Children's. They are very interested in hiring reiki practitioners to offer sessions to the children in their care for epilepsy, pain, trauma, etc. We suggested that the parents of sick kids would also benefit tremendously from reiki sessions. Talks are ongoing on this front. 

We offered some life-changing, healing experiences and made some wonderful connections at this event. We're grateful for an increasing number of opportunities to get out there and spread the word about reiki. 

Here's to raising awareness and availability of the benefits of reiki!
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