Reiki at the Chicago PD for Survivors of Domestic Violence

This was our second year participating in the Chicago Police Department's service fair for survivors of domestic violence. Kudos to these officers for creating a safe space to offer community, moral support, healing, and other services to women who struggle to maintain a peaceful home environment. 


Rebecca and Stephanie brought their hearts to this event. It was such a festive atmosphere, it was easy to forget what it was all about in the first place. Then I worked on a woman with scars all up and down her forearms. Defensive wounds. A powerful reminder. 


Two beauty schools showed up with plenty of eager students to give each attendee a new style, cut, and/or color. There was laughter, friendships were formed, and everyone left feeling better than when they walked in. 

and I I'm grateful for the pointers I received to improve my reiki raps in Spanish. 


We thank the women (and men) of the 12th for hosting this event, and continuing to put the community at the top of thier list of priorities. It was an honor to participate.

Because reiki helps move out energetically stored trauma, this experience was calming and nurturing for many of these women. Going forward, the Reiki Brigade would love to participate in similar events for the men in these relationships. Reiki can not only elevate the way recipients feel, it can elevate they way they behave. More reiki in the world will result in less violence. We all stand to benefit from this evolution. 


Here's to raising awareness and availability of the benefits of reiki!
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