Reiki at the IM4US Medical Conference

Thanks to the folks at the Healing Justice Network, we found out about the Integrative Medicine for the Underserved Conference.

IM4US flier.jpeg

These are our people, and this year's theme is right up our alley!

The organizers were enthusiastic about having reiki demos for the attendees, but space was an issue. I always like to be out in the open, where people can see reiki in action, ask questions, and be persuaded to try a 10-minute session for themselves. But people in charge always want to tuck us away "somewhere quiet." Sometimes this works out great. Other times it means we twiddle our thumbs in some remote location while dozens of would-be converts mill around the main area, oblivious to our existence. 


We were finally given word that we were to be in the Wellness Lounge. We had six volunteers for the day, and I really hoped they weren't making the trip down to Northwestern's Feinberg Conference Center in vain. 


I was given permission to set up our banners with signs directing folks to the Wellness Lounge, and paced back and forth hawking our demos for the first hour or so. Several people had seen our listing in the event program (thanks, Jessica!), and headed over straight away.

g n a n a.jpg

Part of the opening remarks for the conference included a bit about our services, and from then on out, we had a line out the door. Volunteers worked in two shifts, from 8am to 5pm. Here's the morning shift: Greg, Astera, (me) and a rare appearance from Ann!

action greg.jpg

Greg is always so joyful with his reiki, happy to be sharing with everyone. He's such a trouper and worked on a LOT of people that day. 


One of his first "customers" was later spotted at the podium giving the keynote presentation. We were privileged to introduce reiki to dozens of medical professionals and decision makers from around the country. 

b n j.jpg

The afternoon shift was Barb and Janice, who showed up at noon. I was so grateful for the morning shift's willingness to stay for the lunch rush. For a while there, six of us were offering reiki at one time—and not keeping up! Big thanks to the National University of Natural Medicine for sponsoring the Wellness Lounge. 

action A n J.jpg

It turned out to be a beautifully serene space with candles, tea, and snacks—including a variety of gourmet chocolates. 


diana em.jpg

Throughout the day I ran into several colleagues from the healing community:  Michelle from HJN was giving a talk, as was Mitch from PCOM. Later in the day, Diane Shakarian gave a presentation on Donna Eden's Energy Medicine. I stuck my head in the door and was thrilled to see there was standing room only, and barely any of that.

action h n b.jpg

In all, we shared reiki with 109 conference attendees, one third of the event's total attendance. The conference is being held in DC next year, and I'm angling to have a reiki presence there as well. 

Here's to raising awareness and availability of the benefits of reiki!
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