Reiki for Homeless Vets #18

While it wasn't the same without Greg Zera along, we managed to have a wonderful day offering reiki to vets at the Wheaton Stand Down on the DuPage County Fairgrounds. Attendance was sparse compared to previous years, but as always, we had a steady flow of folks wanting to receive reiki—either for the first time, or as return customers. 


Monique Costello was the newbie volunteer of the day, but she hit the ground running with a big smile, enthusiastic descriptions of reiki, and wonderful feedback from the vets she worked with. We also loved the wild rice salad she brought in individual, min mason jars of lunch. Pro Tip:  invite Monique to day-long events. She rocks in the potluck lunch category! 

"I'm a believer in the idea that you'll never feel better than when you do something for someone else. I've been looking for a way to volunteer, to give back, to raise the vibration around me; the Reiki Brigade came to my rescue. To give the gift of relief from stress, anxiety, worry, pain... if even for 10 minutes.... it's a humbling and moving experience. Thank you for the opportunity!"
—Monique Costello

Rebecca DeCoster has been with the Reiki Brigade a long time, and settled right in helping folks out. We were able to work with 25 people throughout the course of the day, including one woman who will be attending a Reiki Level 1 class next month. 

group dog.jpg

If I had been a few minutes later with this photo, I could have captured the service dog rubbing up against Rebecca's hands to get a little reiki love for himself. But another vet came up for reiki, so I had to put down the camera and join in the flow. Check out the smile on Monique's happy recipient!

Thanks for your service, and having us at this event. We loved sharing time with you all!

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