Reiki for YWCA Rape Crisis Line Volunteers

"eliminating racism
empowering women"

The YWCA and Reiki Brigade share a vision of a society based on peace and equality, so it was natural that we would connect at some point. 

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This Volunteer Appreciation event was orchestrated by a few staff members for dozens of volunteers who take calls into the YWCA's 24-hour Rape Crisis Line. 

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It was a festive and friendly atmosphere with lots of food, services, and activities for the guests of honor. Everyone had a great time.


As I listened to the awards, I was humbled by the work these women do:  listening, providing support over the phone, visiting the hospital in person, directing rape victims to other social services. Each award recipient shared why they found meaning in this work, and the responses brought me to tears. Such beautiful souls in this room!


And of course there were reiki sessions for the group, many of whom had never heard of reiki before. It was such a privilege to offer them this experience, and I hope to one day be offering reiki to the women they serve as well. 

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