Reiki @ Loyola University Wellness Fair

This was our third year at the Loyola University Wellness Fair. It’s a fantastic event to help students address the stresses of college life and teach them skills that last a lifetime. We’re happy these events are offered and honored to participate alongside other service providers and University staff. We love the opportunity to introduce reiki to so many receptive minds.

Our first year here, we were overwhelmed by the demand for reiki, with a line ten-deep for most of the four hour event. (To be clear, it’s an okay problem to have.) Our second year, we were better prepared, but still struggled to optimize efficiency. There were five of us and hundreds of students, many of whom wanted to try reiki. Believe me when I tell you how hard it is—after years of effort to get receptive audiences—to turn eager takers away.

This year, though! This year we hit our stride!

Students were happy to huddle around our intro video, and came away with excellent, next-level questions.

Students were happy to huddle around our intro video, and came away with excellent, next-level questions.

We had our trusty banner, handouts, signup/waiver sheet, and our brand new Outreach Intro Video. We weren’t sure how it was going to go over, so we were thrilled when the students signed up and gathered around the screen to watch. Then we celebrated when they informed newcomers of the procedure. All we had to do was call off the names on the list and focus on reiki. More than 65 well-prepared students plopped in our chairs one after the other ready to receive some good vibes. Squee!

Rebecca, Edit, Stephanie, and Jerry all spread the love!

Rebecca, Edit, Stephanie, and Jerry all spread the love!

Jerry Mikutis, who teaches reiki and yoga in her private practice, shared reiki with a hospice volunteer who was around reiki all the time, but had never experienced it herself.

Rebecca DeCoster, the owner of A Focused Touch in Berwyn, observed, “Several students commented that they didn't expect they'd be able to tune out the noise from the event, but were surprised to find that they not only tuned out the chatter, but really found some internal peace and quiet on their ten-minute vacation.”

Edit works with a member of the Psychology Dept. faculty.

Edit works with a member of the Psychology Dept. faculty.

We were able to work with nursing students and curious staff members as well, including several from the Psychology Department.

Unlike the other volunteers at the event, Edit is not a professional reiki practitioner. She’s a Hungarian translator with a big heart who loves to spend her free time letting the world know about the wonders of reiki.

Stephanie Yau, who sees clients in Rogers Park, reported a wonderful experience during one of her demos as well. “When I got to her right knee, her body jerked a few times and the energy intensified. Afterwards, I asked her if she noticed the jerking. She replied with a confused, ‘Yes...’ I explained that sometimes when energy is being release, people will twitch or shake. She mentioned that she had injured that knee in the past. I explained to her how our bodies can store trauma and what it looked like to me was that reiki helped to shift some of that trauma. She was so amazed that she stood up and hugged me.”

It’s not unusual to get hugs from reiki recipients who are grateful for the new experience and information. Surprise is also common, as newbies register the reality of the situation, “Laying on of hands is a thing? How did I not know about this until now?” An excellent question. That’s why the Reiki Brigade exists, to help people understand that laying on of hands is a thing.

Later this month we’ll head to Arrupe College, Loyola’s sister institution at a downtown campus. We’d love to work with more institutions of higher learning. Know anyone at U of C, Northwestern, or…?

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