Reiki @ CPD for Suicide Prevention Month

We have long felt the call to offer reiki to first responders. Historically, first responders—specifically higher ups—have not been overly receptive to the idea. As of yesterday, it feels as though the tides are turning. The CPD is recognizing the stress of the job in this current climate is taking its toll and developing initiatives to support officers’ mental and emotional wellbeing. We are thrilled.

nikki and puppy.jpg

Nikki has been orchestrating events with us for a few years now, starting with services for women in domestic violence situations, and moving on to wellness for officers. Her boss recently contacted her asking that she put together an event to acknowledge Suicide Prevention Month. Chicago leads the nation in officer suicides.

POLICE vests crowd.jpg

The event featured several service providers and was very well attended by officers. They no longer consider these efforts silly, but come with open minds ready to learn what might help them manage their stress.

puppy group.jpg

One of the favorite attractions: therapy dogs and puppies from One Tail at a Time. Everyone gets a little love and a big smile when these tails are wagging.

aromatherapy table.jpg

Aroma therapy is another staple. Officers learn the benefits of essential oils and several samples are available to try.

reiki action.jpg

And of course, we were there offering reiki demos to 20 or so officers. Occasionally we have had to hawk our free services to the skeptical crowd, but this time there was a wait-list, great questions, and wonderful feedback. We also had several inquiries about our availability to help at other districts and the academy, and offer a presentation for the EAP (Employee Assistance Program). Good stuff.

We are so grateful to witness this shift in thinking and willingness to try new things. Special thanks to Nikki at the 12th, and Kristen who offered reiki alongside me.

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