Reiki @ the CPD 7th District: Englewood

Englewood is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago. In the wake of a weekend with more than 75 shootings in our city, we were so happy to be here offering reiki to the officers and staff. 

P and Z.jpg

Patrice, Ziuta, and I found everyone to be welcoming and enthusiastic. Several folks we met had heard of reiki before and were curious—one officer was even a reiki master herself! This is such a shift from when we first started this outreach seven years ago. It seems slow going sometimes, but stepping back, we can see awareness of the benefits of reiki has definitely grown. 


We love this quote, which you can see prominently displayed on the front of the big desk when you walk in the front door. It captures the insight and empathy necessary to work within this community with integrity, and gave us a warm fuzzy feeling as we started our day.


I usually follow up with my contacts after an event to thank them for having us, hoping to be able to return for another event in the future. Before I was able to do that, my contact reached out to me, told me the officers were really happy with their sessions, and asked if we'd come back after the holidays. Good stuff. 

So grateful to the 7th, Patrice, and Ziuta for another great day of reiki!

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