Reiki at the Federal Aviation Administration

More and more interesting invitations are coming our way! We made this connection via a reiki student who took the class I offered to veterans several years back. This was the FAA's first Wellness Fair, and though I didn't get a photo of the whole event, there were about 35 vendors offering services and information about massage, breast cancer, nutrition, exercise, etc. We were in good company.

About 200 FAA employees passed through to check out the offerings, mostly men. I was expecting a group of air traffic controllers, but the the majority had job titles that included the words "engineer," "technician," and one  "hazardous materials specialist for the tower." 

Sometimes clients and friends say they don't think reiki would be well received at their office. Too woo-woo. We've participated in dozens (maybe hundreds) of these events over the years, and there's usually a little blowback, but we always win over the crowd once people try reiki for themselves. Here at the FAA, two or three alpha male bullies came up and jeered their fellow employees while they were receiving reiki. Not cool. 

Nevertheless, we persisted. And in spite of the naysayers, we were able to provide reiki for 48 FAA employees, many of whom were thrilled with their experiences. We also had some strong allies in the crowd. In the next booth over, chiropractor John Panopoulos is a reiki master! One of the engineers on staff is, too! So there we were, recruiting Reiki Brigade volunteers at the FAA, and offering people with secret, reiki lives a chance to "come out" in a supportive environment. Good stuff!

All in all, another fantastic day sharing reiki. 

We all left grateful for the fruitful connections we've made and the opportunities to share. 

I left thankful for these ladies: Barb Bonamasso, Gina Israel, and Astera Manis. 

It was the second of a two-day reiki binge for us, on the heels of our event at the JTDC, the largest Juvenile Jail in the country. Click the link and check it out. 

Here's to raising awareness and availability of the benefits of reiki!
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