Reiki at a Garfield Park Community Center

I always know we're in for an impactful event when I'm a little nervous about getting out of my car. Such was the case at this Garfield Park Community event. I was connected by a woman at the States Attorney's office we met while offering at the Chicago Police Department.  

Garfield Community Fair.jpeg

We were delighted to find a well-organized event with very gracious and accommodating hosts. It's heart-warming to know so many people are working hard to help out those who need it.

This large facility is home to a number of services, and on this day hosted representatives of many, many more.  

There were about 40 other "vendors" at the event. I use quotes because nothing was being sold. Everything was being given away. It was an excellent chance to network and introduce other decision makers to the power of reiki. 

We offered about 20 sessions. My most memorable was working with a young woman who had a man's name tattooed on her neck (sometimes an indicator of being trafficked for sex). She was timid, but curious. Within moments I went from gently touching her forehead and neck, to holding her upright as her body slumped forward in the chair. She went completely limp as she drifted into a shamanic dream state, right there in the loud room surrounded by people. Then I felt something massive move out of her, relieving her of a burden she'd been carrying.

Her response afterwards:  "Wow, I fell asleep. Weird." 

I finally asked Edit why she never smiles in photos. "We don't smile for pictures in Hungary." Asked and answered. 

Love your generous heart and gentle way, Edit! Thanks, as always, for sharing this mission with me. 

Here's to raising awareness and availability of the benefits of reiki!
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