Reiki @ the CPD's 11th District

The 11th District, Harrison, is one of the more dangerous in the city. Officers there are under stress, and aware enough of that fact to extend an invitation to us to offer mini reiki sessions during their mid-day shift changes.


There was a mix-up with the event communications, so no one knew we were coming and my contact wasn’t even on site when we arrived. Fortunately, the woman cleaning the facility, Trish, was very helpful in rounding up our first recipients, and they then promoted the free service among their peers. We ended up working with 16 officers.


The building was bustling due to an apparent triple homicide earlier in the day, required training sessions for officers, and the SWAT team practicing their aim in the room next door. There’s nothing like practicing reiki with men in full combat gear walking by and the sound of rapid gunfire booming throughout the room. The amazing volunteers, Rebecca (pictured here), Jerry, and Stephanie, rolled with it.


We always appreciate when the “white shirts” (sergeants and above) stop in to learn about reiki. Stephanie also had some visitors from the force and the neighborhood. We all got to meet her sister, Sandra.


Although Jerry has volunteered alongside me at a few events, it was her first official Reiki Brigade event. She was a big hit. When she’s not volunteering, Jerry teaches reiki classes at Sat Nam yoga studio in Chicago.

Our favorite part of these events is hearing feedback about how reiki has impacted the people receiving it. As always, we had some powerful sessions and received some tremendous feedback.

Here’s to more reiki for more first responders going forward, and less need for full combat gear in general.

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