Reiki @ Arrupe College

College life can be very stressful, and young people are often open to any manner of relief—even something that sounds as strange as reiki.


The students and organizers of the Loyola University wellness fair have been so happy with the reiki demos we’ve offered, they encouraged their sister school downtown to invite us to their first wellness event. Arrupe is a much smaller campus with a more intimate feel, and lots of camaraderie between students and staff. We were told that the life situations of many of these students is especially difficult, with external stressors beyond grades and time management. The Brigade quickly filled all the volunteer spots to help this community of young adults.

We had a fantastic time introducing the group to reiki, and received lots of wonderful feedback, including, “I feel like a new man!” “I’m so light, I’m walking on the moon!” and old standbys such as, “That was amazing.”

Our goal is to help people have a tangible experience of their energy fields such that they leave knowing that energy work is a powerful means to help achieve and maintain optimal health.

Thanks for the wonderful welcome, Arrupe students and staff, and thanks to the tireless Reiki Brigade volunteers: Rebecca, Monique, Edit, and Patrice!

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