Public Enemy #1

Rubmaps is a disturbing online forum that smugly lists establishments their members claim are offering sexual services under the guise of massage therapy. As of this posting there are nearly 8,000 listings across the United States. These listings will all fall into one of three categories:

1) Covers for sex trafficking where the women/girls/boys are sold as a commodity against their will,

2) Covers for freelance prostitution, which we are discovering is being replaced by situations described in #1. This is especially true when there’s a handler or owner involved, as would be the case in an organized sex-for-sale operation,

3) Actual massage businesses that have been caught up in the confusion created by this site and others like it, which normalize sex for sale and erroneously call it massage.

Visit and find out what’s going on in your neighborhood (needless to say, do not pay a membership fee). To get a real feel for how brazen the site is, and what victims of the sex trade are being subjected to, check out the page titled Rubmaps Slang. Brace yourself.

Establishments with few or no reviews may be victims of libel or defamation. Let them know they are listed and should beware of predators seeking out sexual services from their practitioners. Those with numerous reviews likely fall under one of the first two categories. Then use the template letters under “What You Can Do” to alert your local law enforcement and media to the situation. Let them know the massage industry is working with them to expose and eradicate these illegal activities.

We want to hear about your progress.