Reiki for Our Women Veterans

There was a lot of enthusiasm at the Riverside National Guard Armory for this event! The LOUD microphone was in constant use with stories, raffles, awards and shout outs to the various branches. "Hooyah!" Nonetheless, several of the 30+ Reiki recipients tilted forward in their chairs as they drifted into a meditative dream state of relaxation and healing. 

Many organizations gathered to offer products, services, and guidance to women veterans. It's heartwarming to see so much support. 

Breakfast, lunch and basic necessities were provided by Panera and Hines VA. 

Lt. Col. Sheila Perry has served the Air Force for 31 years and was present to receive an award (and rock out with a song on the mic). She visited our booth and shared that while she had not yet had Reiki, her horse had!

Hines' Women Veterans Program Manager also received an award, and is excited about introducing Reiki at Hines! 

We were busy all morning as Reiki enthusiasts and curious folks came up to get a dose. The gentleman on the end was a bit wary at first, but left singing Reiki's praises. 

Jen G. and I had to photobomb the action in progress to get in a group shot before her departure.

Thanks to Jen Dexheimer, Jen Gerenaich, and Greg Zera. If you ever need some love, these are the folks you want around!