Reiki at the Thompson Center

Thanks to our connections at the Jesse Brown VA, the Illinois Dept. of Healthcare and Family Services invited the Reiki Brigade to participate in a Child Support Awareness Service Fair at the Thompson Center in Chicago's bustling Loop. From 9am - 2pm we were right inside the front atrium where all who had business in the enormous building passed by. 

At first it was slow going as well-dressed folks hustled past us on their way to their desks. Then it picked up and we had a steady stream of takers. The woman pictured here in the four-wheeler is a Reiki channel herself who just moved from India. I was able to chat with her mother who was so excited about what we're doing. 

By lunch time we had a group of onlookers who coalesced into a line waiting for their turn to try Reiki. I didn't talk to everyone about their circumstances, but I know I worked on two dads struggling to pay their child support and under a lot of stress. They both went into a healing trance state and I had to hold them up so they didn't slump onto the floor. The left amazed, relaxed, and very grateful.  =0)

We worked with families and I was able to practice my Spanish a few times—81 takers in total! It was a great space with a wonderful diversity of demographics. Janice's beaming smile says it all. 

I'm so used to outreach events with folks in crisis, but in response to questions about our practices, rates, locations and classes, we passed out ALL our handouts and business cards. I think we'll all get a few clients as a result of our volunteering here. More opportunities to share Reiki!

Much gratitude to our hosts, Marian and Elizabeth, and huge thanks to the volunteers:  Astera, Kate and Janice! What an awesome day!