Reiki on PTSD Awareness Day

A PTSD Awareness Day event at Johnson College Prep in Englewood was a perfect place for reiki. Local star power included special guest speaker Lamman RuckerNakita Nicci, Kenneth Johnson, CPD's Commander of the 7th District, and host, 20th Ward Democratic Committeeman, Kevin M. Bailey.

me and kids.jpg

My first customer was a student wearing a green t-shirt that said, "I don't want to." But when it came to reiki, he did want to. And his response afterwards was, "I've never felt this good in my life!" His friends immediately lost their shyness and lined up for their sessions. I love working with younger folks, as they are so receptive to reiki and aren't afraid to express themselves, as seen here in the photo.  =0)

host and cop.jpg

I had arrived early and there was a problem with the volunteer setup. A lovely man came to help move tables and make sure I had space to do my thing. Later he was on stage speaking as the host of the entire event. Love 20th Ward Democrats Committeeman Kevin Bailey, pictured here with Kenneth Johnson.


Later, during the presentation, Johnson's inspiring PTSD-oriented talk included the assertion, "We need healing." I couldn't agree more. (This is not him, but this is the only picture I was able to get of the presentation between reiki demos). 


So happy to see PTSD being addressed at this level—at all levels. Thanks for having me!

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