Reiki @ the CPD 12th District

We started the year off right, as a main attraction at one of the Chicago Police Department's first De-Stress events!

event overview.jpg

This gathering was created by a wonderful CPD community service officer who was inspired by our work at their Domestic Violence Survivor service fairs. In addition to supplying reiki, she set the tone with soft lighting, healthy snacks and teas, soft music, calming signage, service puppies (!), yoga, and a few other service providers. We were there over lunch and shift change, so it was convenient for officers to stop in before or after their shift, or on their lunch break to try something new. 

group reiki.jpg

We have been to various police districts in the past year, and are starting to see a lot of familiar faces. On this day, one of these officers admitted, "I've been watching you and hearing great feedback, but I've been afraid to try it. Today, I'm gonna try it!" And afterwards, "That was amazing!" So see, nothing to be afraid of. 

We worked on nearly 40 attendees. 

kristi reiki.jpg

This was Kristi's first Reiki Brigade event! She did a fantastic job introducing many officers to their energetic and spiritual nature, and suggesting they consider this new awareness as a path towards greater wellness and less stress.

"Every person I gave reiki to was curious, kind, and open; a few even hugged me or shook my hand afterward! We even gave reiki to one of the volunteers while her beautiful therapy dog relaxed nearby. All in all, it was an exciting, inspiring time, and I am grateful to CPD District 12 for opening their doors to us to share reiki."

Welcome aboard, Kristi!

RB team.jpg


Big smiles on the Reiki Brigade team for the day: Patrice, Barb, and newbie Kristi. Thanks, ladies—'til next time!


Here's to raising awareness and availability of the benefits of reiki!
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