Reiki for the Chicago Police Dept.

Chicago crime has been in the news for years and the PD has been under scrutiny from all sides, yet these men and women head out every day, solving problems and keeping us safe. We can't imagine what life would be like to be sent into danger on a regular basis, required to keep our wits and composure about us at all times, or else.

In an effort to express our gratitude and help provide some relief from the pressure, a group of Reiki Brigade volunteers gathered at the Albany Park station to offer 10-minute reiki demos to the officers, staff, and anyone else who wanted to try it.

I was invited to speak to the officers during two roll calls, to introduce them to reiki and encourage them to give it a try. There were about 15 people in the room each time, but officers tend to like to sit with their backs to the wall. Safety first. 

Between these speaking opportunities, the great job our contact did promoting the event, and the enthusiasm of the supervisory staff, we were busy for three hours. In the end we worked with 29 men and women—including the commander. It was wonderful to see walls come down and minds expand as these brave souls opened up to something completely new. Reactions ranged from, "That was very relaxing. Thank you," to, "Wow! That was amazing!" and, "My knee doesn't hurt anymore!"


This officer looked like he had some reservations about trying reiki, but it turned out he was just on his way to the range for regularly scheduled weapons skills testing.

As always, it's all possible due to the giving hearts of the volunteers. Thanks to Astera Manis, Rebecca DeCoster, and Patrice Nerone. It was Rebecca's birthday, and we're honored she chose to spend it with us at the CPD. 

Here's to raising awareness and availability of the benefits of reiki! If you'd like us to visit your workplace, please get in touch. If you're a reiki channel who would like to join us in our outreach efforts, complete the application here