Reiki for Domestic Violence Survivors at CPD #12

Reiki can be phenomenal in helping to lift the kind of anxiety that accumulates after repetitive or extreme stress, such as in a domestic violence situation. 

It was an honor to participate in the Chicago Police Dept. 12th District Domestic Violence Survivor Spa Day. Pictured here: Aneta, the event organizer for the past four years, Reiki Brigade superstar Janice Hollinger, and me. 

Several service organizations were represented and survivors were invited from a few domestic violence shelters in the community to be nurtured with various gifts and services.

Here's Aneta trying Reiki for the first time in a Quality Check capacity. She gave us a big thumbs up.

Thanks to her and the 12th District team for such a lovely event and yummy lunch spread!

We were fortunate to be joined by Cristina, another Reiki practitioner who was at the event for her second year. She recognized us from Facebook and is excited to join the Reiki Brigade. I'm thrilled to have another Spanish speaker join our team!

Victoria was a constant presence, assisting in various ways and boosting morale with her curiosity and adorableness. 

Towards the end of the event, after raffle prizes had been handed out and the crowd thinned, we were able to work on a few detectives. "Awesome!" was a common reaction to the sessions. Here's hoping we paved the way to provide more Reiki for Chicago's Finest. Stand by for updates on that front.