Our 7th Summer Stand Down

For many years we've been offering reiki to homeless veterans and active military at the Jesse Brown VA Stand Down, a service fair for homeless veterans. 


Group reiki.jpg

This year volunteers Patrice Nerone and Greg Zera joined me to share their gifts with the community.

We were adjacent to the Hypertension Blood Pressure check station, so starting at 8am, the staff came over to give reiki a try. Throughout the rest of the day they sent vets over to receive a calming infusion as well. 


We were buys from start to finish, giving forty-five sessions in all. Feedback ranged from, "Huh... interesting." to, "Thank you, that was amazing! I feel wonderful!"


We had quite a spread for lunch, including my favorite Thai Cashews from Greg. We barely had a chance to catch up and get some food in us before more vets came asking about reiki. 


Greg intuitively knew that one individual also needed a hug, and it was more than welcome. Before he left this gentleman said he was interested in learning reiki to share with a family who lost a loved one to suicide. He was thinking of others despite the fact that he'd lost his own son to suicide as well. I'm frequently moved by the generosity of spirit I witness in this community.

Team photo.jpg

We are grateful for the welcome atmosphere, enthusiastic support staff, and opportunity to give back in this way. Thanks to everyone involved in producing the event, Patrice, Greg, and the veterans for their invaluable service.  


Here's to raising awareness and availability of the benefits of reiki!
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