Reiki at a Service Fair for Homeless Vets

For the fifth straight year we provided Reiki to veterans at Jesse Brown VA's summer Stand Down event. We're finding more and more folks have tried or at least heard of Reiki and the crowd is more receptive each year. Even so, I underestimated participation and only brought 40 handouts. 

We were thrilled to work with 54 vets and active service folks throughout the day. Good stuff!

After a session some folks report feeling relaxed. Some report something much more profound. It was beautiful to see this gentlemen completely relax while Meg worked. 

Greg was honored to work with John, a WW2 veteran. 

Governor Rauner made an appearance amid much fanfare from the press. 

A fantastic day with these kind souls: Greg, Bindu, Lee Anne, and Meg. 'Til next time!

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