Client Reports Reiki Experience in Health Magazine

It’s always a quiet thrill to hear from clients how Reiki has helped them feel more comfortable in their bodies and more content in their lives. I receive lots of emails to this effect, and have read many, many testimonials people have posted via my self-scheduler software to share their experiences with other potential clients.

This is the first time one of my clients’ Reiki experiences has been published by a national magazine. Tess Kearns, co-owner of All Natural Chicago Catering, so beautifully describes one of the lesser known benefits of Reiki. During a period of intense job-related stress, she was becoming forgetful and spacey, and was concerned she was experiencing early-onset Alzheimer’s. After two 90-minute Reiki sessions, she became much more relaxed, her body chemistry returned to a healthier state, and she got her focus back. Life and business improved.

Reiki clears, balances and fortifies bioenergetic fields. It can be much like optimizing hard-drive space in your computer, helping everything run more efficiently and eliminating glitches.

Thanks to Tess for entrusting me with her health, and for her uncommon authenticity and vulnerability in sharing her story. Read the full text, and then schedule your own appointment to see how Reiki can help you.

And kudos to Health magazine. I’m so happy mass media and pop culture are beginning to incorporate information about energy healing modalities. However, I must disagree with the author’s assertion that there is no research to back up the claims of Reiki practitioners and recipients (on p. 94). As more and more people are recognizing the tremendous and comprehensive benefits of Reiki, the body of evidence is growing. Watch my Reiki Research page for a growing list of clinical trials published in peer-reviewed journals.