Reiki for Chicago Firefighters & EMTs

In early September, we were invited to introduce key members of the Chicago Fire Department to the benefits of Reiki. We attended two meetings with 10-12 Gatekeepers in each. I gave a short talk about how Reiki can be very effective in easing PTSD, stress, depression, etc., which are key concerns of this group as our firefighters and first responders are likely to encounter a great deal of on-the-job trauma. Attendees listened intently, asked great questions, and were eager to try it out by receiving 10-minute demos. The feedback was wonderful, and we hope to expand our reach to the firehouses, where more of the department can benefit from this valuable information and 10-minute sessions.

Thanks to the folks at Local #2 for the invitation and warm welcome! And as always, huge gratitude to the big-hearted Reiki volunteers!

If you’d like to find out how to join our volunteer Reiki efforts, download this application.