Reiki in Englewood

Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood is known for having one of  the highest crime rates in the country. Because Reiki is so effective at alleviating stress and anxiety (key ingredients for—and results of—violence) we were thrilled when U of Chicago Medical School invited us to offer Reiki to this community during their annual health fair.

On the drive down, one of the new volunteers admitted she was nervous about spending time in this neighborhood. “My son didn’t want me to do this,” she said.

When we arrived we were greeted with a warm reception by the U of C volunteers and our friends from previous visits to Maria Shelter. We enjoyed great music, delicious food, laughing babies, and connecting with wonderful people. Christy, Rebecca, Eli, and their fellow medical students did an excellent job bringing in fun activities for all ages to make this educational event a success.

Attendees were curious about Reiki and had sense of adventure, so in addition to making new friends, we were busy offering Reiki for nearly three hours. The highlight for me was when a young man was not only willing to try Reiki for the first time, but then said, “I want to address my anger.” His vulnerability, trust and above average understanding of what Reiki has to offer were heartwarming.

“This was great!” said the volunteer who’d been nervous at the onset. I’d like to give a shout out to the team:  Barb Bonamasso, Barbara Wahler, Jodi Whitlock, and Gina Israel, huge thanks for helping introduce more of this community to Reiki. Did you hear the crowd outside calling out additional thanks as we made our way to our cars?

It was an afternoon of sharing Reiki and building bridges. Good stuff.

If you'd like to join us on our next outing, complete and return this application.