Reiki Lunch-n-Learn at U of C Medical School

My colleagues and I loved sharing Reiki with medical students at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine! 

Because it’s much easier to demonstrate Reiki than describe it, we started out with 10-minute demos for all the attendees, followed by a brief presentation. Students reported feeling tingling, heat and relaxation during and after their sessions, and were curious what was going on. There are many ways to talk about Reiki, but I stuck to a few scientific facts, such as the nature of energy consisting of frequency and amplitude, Ampere’s Law, and how bioenergetic fields are currently being used for diagnostics and treatment in Western medicine.

The event was a big success, with students interested in finding out more, and receiving more Reiki! We’re looking into establishing an ongoing volunteer Reiki program for students to help them manage their rigorous schedules, and continue to educate them about the benefits of Reiki.

Huge thanks to U of C’s Integrative, Complementary and Alternative Medicine team for hosting this event, particularly Dr. Oyola, Madison Crocker and Rebecca Zuckerman. Also thanks to the fabulous volunteers, Molly Coeling, Veronique Fredde, Sherri Simpson and Edit Nagy.

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